Bulgarian Posts Plc reminds that fake e-mails are sent on behalf of and/or with the company’s logo, sometimes in the form of surveys or games, in which it is announced that the recipient will receive a “prize” - a mobile phone. For this purpose he/she must confirm participation by providing personal data (e-mail address, debit or credit card details, etc.) and pay a fee. Many e-mails contain details for getting in touch with Bulgarian Posts Plc.

    The messages say that there is an item for the customer /sometimes a random number is specified/, and he/she has to pay a certain amount of money for its receipt, for customs clearance, correction of address or redirection of the item due to the recipient being absent, etc. At the same time, he/she needs to provide bank card details, etc.

    Bulgarian Posts Plc draws attention to the fact that the company does not send these messages, does not conduct surveys nor games, does not distribute prizes, does not require by e-mail on-line payment of delivery or customs clearance fees, and under no circumstances requires debit or credit card details for the delivery, as well as a fee for this delivery. The fees owed to Bulgarian Posts and state receivables are paid at the post office upon delivery of the item. Raffles and games that are not advertised on the company’s official website do not exist.